Price List

StallionDescriptionPriceFreezing DateStraws/DoseAvailable 3/1In StockAvailable For Order
Action Pur ZPer Dose1050---X-
Aganix du Seigneur ZPer Dose1260---X-
Air Jordan ZPer Straw (suggested Dose size 3 Straws)6152013--X
Air Jordan Alpha ZPer Dose800---X-
Alexandro PPer Dose87520095-X-
AmperePer Dose1260-3-X-
AraldikPer Dose100020148-X-
Atomic ZPer Dose850---X-
Balou du RouetPer Dose925-3-X-
Baloubet du RouetPer Straw (suggested Dose size 2-3 Straws)2650---X-
BelantisPer Dose1300-4-X-
BelissimoPer Dose100020148-X-
BenicioPer Dose1200-----
BerlinPer Dose147020155-X-
Blue Hors Don OlymbrioPer Dose1100-3-X
Blue Hors FarrellPer Dose110020163-X-
Blue Hors First ChoicePer Dose100020163-X-
Blue Hors HotlinePer Dose1300-3-X-
Blue Hors LondonerPer Dose1000-----
Blue Hors RockefellerPer Dose70020113--X
Blue Hors RomanovPer Dose1300-3-X-
Blue Hors St. SchufroPer Dose110020153-X-
Blue Hors ZackPer Dose1365-3---
Blue Hors ZackereyPer Dose1000-3X--
Blue Hors ZalabasterPer Dose100020163-X-
Bon CoeurPer Dose850---X-
BondsPer Dose115020164-X-
BordeauxPer Dose105020113-X-
BorsalinoPer Dose850---X-
Bretton WoodsPer Dose97520123-X-
Buenos DiasPer Dose68020148-X-
CabachonPer Dose105020122-X-
Calido IPer Dose257020096-X-
CallahanPer Dose63020114-X-
Callaho's BenicioPer DosePlease Call for Price-----
CanturanoPer Dose7902007/20116-X-
CanturoPer Dose1890-8-X-
CarambolePer Dose1000-4-X-
CasallcoPer Dose73520144-X-
CatokiPer Dose11002016--X-
CavalierPer Dose630-----
CazaanPer Dose700---X-
Chacoon BluePer Dose90020153-X-
ChamanPer Dose131020144-X-
CharmeurPer Dose900---X-
Charming FerroPer Dose575-----
Check InPer Dose1000-4-X-
Chellano Alpha ZPer Dose1050---X-
ChristianPer Dose147020144-X-
Cicero van Paemel ZPer Dose168020142-X-
ComfortPer Dose725-----
Comme il FaultPer Straw (suggested Dose size 2-3 Straws)1260---X-
Con AirPer Dose2100-8X--
ConnectPer Dose63020145-X-
Contendro IPer Dose1525-4-X-
ConthargosPer Dose1050--X--
CordessPer Dose1260-----
Cornado II ZPer Dose126020154-X-
Cornet ObolenskyPer Straw (suggested Dose size 2-3 Straws)1260---X-
Couleur RubinPer Dose110020054-X-
CrelidoPer Dose79020074-X-
Cristallo IPer Dose1310-----
D'EgalitePer Dose82020164-X-
Daily DiamondPer Dose750-X-
DancianoPer Dose780-----
Dante WeltinoPer Dose255020118-X-
De l'OrPer Dose69020124-X-
De NiroPer Dose2200-2-X-
De NoirPer Dose69020084-X-
DeloreanPer Dose1000-8-X-
DesperadosPer Dose18902011--X-
Diamant de SemillyPer Straw (suggested Dose size 1 straw)1850---X-
Diamond HitPer Dose1275---X-
DiaradoPer Dose1210---X-
DimaggioPer Dose1400---X-
Dominator ZPer Dose1200 if foal gets Registered Zangersheide
2200 any other Registry
Don DeluxePer Dose875---X-
Don FredericPer Dose750----X
Don OlymbrioPer Dose1100-3-X-
Donkey BoyPer Dose865--X--
Don VHP Zper straw (suggested dose size 1-2 straws)700-750-----
Dream BoyPer Dose115520134-X-
DylanoPer Dose42020108-X-
El CaponePer Dose840-5-X-
Emerald Van T RuytershofPer Straw (suggested Dose size 1-2 Straws)950 Sale price Subject to change at anytime-2-X-
Epsom GesmerayPer Dose750-3-X-
Estobar NRWPer Dose1050-----
FeinrichPer Dose775--X--
FibonacciPer Dose800---X-
FiderdancePer Dose840---X-
FidertanzPer Dose1050---X-
FinestPer Dose775---X-
First AmperePer Dose875---X-
First Choice (Blue Hors First Choice)Per Dose650---X-
FlakePer Dose5802011/20128-X-
Flipper d'EllePer Dose945---X-
FlorenzPer Dose600---X-
FloricelloPer Dose1150-4-X-
FloriscountPer Dose1350---X-
Follow MePer Dose67520138-X-
For PleasurePer Straw (suggested Dose size 1-2 Straws)4000---X-
For RomancePer Dose115020128-X-
For Romance IIPer Dose57520164-X-
FoundationPer Dose79020123-X-
FranklinPer Dose1000---X-
FranziskusPer Dose950---X-
Freestyleper Dose615---X-
FS Champion de Luxe Per Dose800---X-
FS Coconut DreamPer Dose745---X-
FS Don't WorryPer Dose800---X-
FS Mr. RightPer Dose800---X-
FS Numero UnoPer Dose745---X-
Fuerst JazzPer Dose735-----
Fuerst RomancierPer Dose65020084-X-
Fuerst WilliamPer Dose850---X-
Fuersten-LookPer Dose750---X-
FuerstenballPer Dose1100---X-
Glock's RomanovPer Dose1300-3-X-
GoldbergPer DoseTBA-----
Goldfever IPer Dose1310-----
GovernorPer Dose1000---X-
Grand Galaxy Win TPer Dose970---X-
Great BluePer Dose630---X-
Grey FlanellPer Dose85020148-X-
GrodinoPer Dose630---X-
HanleyPer Dose60020164-X-
Hesselhøj Donkey BoyPer Dose865--X--
HotlinePer Dose97520113-X-
Hunters ScandixPer Dose735-3-X-
Hunters ScendroPer Dose1575-----
InnovationPer Dose630---X-
Jaguar van PaemelPer Dose110020143-X-
KanndarcoPer Dose600---X-
L'Arc de TriomphePer Dose210020078-X-
L'EspoirPer Dose690-4-X-
L'EspritPer Dose630---X-
Lansdown/WietvotPer Dose840---X-
LondonPer Dose2000-2-X-
Lord CarnabyPer Dose1365---X-
Lord LoxleyPer Dose94520074-X-
LordanosPer Dose100020044-X-
LupicorPer Dose1050---X-
Malito de RevePer Dose126020114-X-
MessengerPer Dose77520143-X-
Mighty MagicPer Dose58020138-X-
MillenniumPer Dose1260---X-
MontenderPer Dose1210---X-
MorriconePer Dose900---X-
Mylord CarthagoPer Dose1365-4-X-
N Oubliez JamaisPer Dose73520128-X-
Nabab de RevePer Dose262520119-X-
Namelus RPer Dose110020118-X-
Numero UnoPer Dose1575---X-
Painted BlackPer Dose252020153-X-
Peter PanPer Dose790---X-
Phin PhinPer Dose690-4-X-
Presley BoyPer Straw (suggested Dose size 1-2 Straws)2200---X-
Quabri de L'ilsePer Straw (suggested Dose size 2-4 Straws)600---X-
QuadroneurPer Dose630-4-X-
QuantumPer DoseTBA---X-
Quasimodo van de MolendreefPer Dose1050-4-X-
QuaterbackPer Dose10002012--X-
Quaterback's JrPer Dose465---X-
Quick StarPer StrawCall for Price---X-
QuintenderPer Dose690---X-
QuintusPer Dose900-4-X-
RafaelPer Dose900---X-
RevolutionPer Dose1260--X--
Rock For MePer Dose850---X-
Rock ForeverPer Dose10502014--X-
RomeoPer Dose700--X--
RotsponPer Dose685-----
Rubin Cortes OLDPer Dose77520118-X-
Rubin RoyalPer Dose118020108-X-
RubinsteinPer Dose2625----X
San AmourPer Dose800---X-
Sandro HitPer Dose925---X-
Satisfaction IPer Dose840-----
ScandicPer Dose84020034-X-
ScendroPer Dose1575-----
Sean ConneryPer Dose90020138-X-
SecretPer Dose7602017--X-
SezuanPer Dose2700----X
Sir Donnerhall IPer Dose1050---X-
Sir Donnerhall IIPer Dose840---X-
Skovens RafaelPer Dose900---X-
SolitairPer Dose630---X-
St. SchufroPer Dose1100---X-
Tailormade LancelotPer Dose58020114-X-
Tailormade TemptationPer Dose850-3-X-
Tangelo van de ZuuthoevePer Dose10502006--X-
TemptationPer Dose850-3-X-
Thunder v/d ZuuthoevePer Straw (suggested Dose size 5 Straws)525---X-
Tinkas BoyPer Dose1470-4X--
TolegroPer Dose800-4-X-
TomahawkPer Dose84020134-5-X-
Top GearPer Dose625---X-
TorneschPer Dose1575-3-X-
TotilasPer Dose2500----X
ToulonPer Dose1575-4-X-
UkatoPer Dose84020074-X-
Ultime EspoirPer Dose630---X-
Ulyss MorindaPer Dose12008Pre Order only limited Doses available--
UpgradePer Dose690---X-
UstinovPer Dose690---X-
Vagabond de la PommePer Dose2205-4-X-
Van GoghPer Dose1250---X-
Van VivaldiPer Dose7752014--X-
Veneno HCPer Dose105020154-X-
Vigo D'ArsouillesPer Dose2150-3-X-
VilancioPer Dose630-----
VitalisPer Dose1155---X-
VivaldiPer Dose125020134-X-
Vivant van de HeffinckPer Dose1470---X-
VoltairePer Dose1210---X-
Wietvot/LansdownPer Dose840---X-
ZackereyPer Dose1000--X--
ZagrebPer Dose63020115-X-
ZenedinePer Dose1260---X-
ZodiacPer Dose580---X-
AriatusLFG with contract18001X
BaracudaLFG with contract1800X
BoritasLFG with contract18004X
CachasLFG with contract18003X
CalatoLFG with contract18004X
CancaraLFG with contract18006X
CantoLFG with contract18006X
Cassal AskLFG with contract40001X
CassaroLFG with contract18004X
CassianoLFG with contract18004X
Cassini IILFG with contract18002X
CassitoLFG with contract18006X
CatooLFG with contract18004X
CayadoLFG with contract18004X
CenturionLFG with contract18003X
CertusLFG with contract1800X
Chin ChampLFG with contract18002X
CiceroLFG with contract18001X
Clarimo AskLFG with contract18002X
ClearwayLFG with contract18003X
ConnorLFG with contract18004X
ContenderLFG with contract18008X
Conway IILFG with contract18002X
Cor de la BryereLFG with contract1800X
CorianderLFG with contract18008X
CormintLFG with contract18003X
CrunchLFG with contract18004X
DeCrhiricoLFG with contract18008X
DiaradoLFG with contract18002X
DolanyLFG with contract18003X
Jbisco xxLFG with contract18003X
LarimarLFG with contract18004X
LasinoLFG with contract18003X
LimbusLFG with contract18004X
LinaroLFG with contract18002X
LorentinLFG with contract18004X
NektonLFG with contract18002X
QuantumLFG with contract18004X
QuinarLFG with contract18003X
QuiranLFG with contract18004X
Riscal La SillaLFG with contract18002X
StanfourLFG with contract18004X
UrikoLFG with contract18003X