Cicero van Paemel Z

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Color: grey

Born: 2000

Height: 172cm

approved for: AES, BWP, Zangersheide


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There are these stallions that always sell like hot buns. Cicero Z is a member of this exclusive club. Where his colour, appearance and reputation are concerned, Cicero Z is very similar to his legendary sire Carthago Z, both having performed at the highest level in the showjumping sport, both are very popular in commerce and both are immaculate progenitors. Fenia van Klapscheut (Marcel Marschall), Gigolo (Albert Zoer), H&M Gitania VG (Olivier Philippaerts) and Gautcho da Quinta (Catherine van Roosbroeck) are but a handful of his products that are GP winners at 1.60m level. In breeding he is already represented by sons such as Galisco van Paemel, Jaguar van Paemel and Cameron Z, which all proudly distribute their sire’s genes. Anyone who, like many others, want a Cicero but cannot fi nd him, we can only give one advice: breeding yourself with Cicero Z is not a gamble.

The first offspring of Cicero is born in 2004. Of those few descendants who were born back then, most of them have already been sold to foreign countries, in particular Eminem (Chile), Ulysses van Paemel (Switzerland) and Caselle (Italy). Cinderella van Paemel Z too has found her way to Spain and Chivas van Paemel Z, who did it well in the circuit for young horses, is stabled in France, where he competes. Ciska van Paemel Z jumped also great in the circuit for five year old horses and is now ridden by Dirk Demeersman. Another Cicero descendant, Eclipse, joined world champion Philippe Le Jeune.

Cicero van Paemel Z Confirmation

Since Cicero has  been approved by the BWP, he immediately got the confidence of the breeders. These descendants increasingly make known at auctions, free jumping competitions and exterior contests, but also predominate the sport.

Cicero also already has 7 approved sons. Feingluk de Guldenboom (AES), Frederico van Paemel (AES France), Galisco van Paemel (BWP) Graffiti van de Worfthoeve (AES) and Gibson (AES France). Gigolo van Paemel is also approved for the BWP and his full brother Inshallah van Paemel was admitted to the AES.

Cicero van Paemel Z Jump3

Cicero made a lot of impression as a young horse under the saddle of Willem Meeus. At the time he is ridden by none other than Dirk Demeersman. Cicero, born in 2000, jumps successful at Grand Prix level. He has won e.g. the six bar competition over 2m05 in Dublin, was 2nd in the Championat of Frankfurt became 2nd in a 1m55 class at the CSI Linz and gained a 3rd place in the Grand Prix of CSI Neeroeteren. Recently he was 6th at the Championat of Nörten-Hardenburg and 6th in San Patrignano.

During CSI-W Mechelen 2009 Cicero became 7th in the qualification of the World Cup and ín the Rolex FEI World Cup! The last weeks he piled up the results with a 5th place in Wiener Neustadt and Oldenburg, a 4th in La Coruña and a 3rd place in Ascona and a 1st place in a 1m45 class at CSN Vilvoorde. As icing on the cake they closed the year 2010 in Mechelen with a victory in the Sires of The World.

Cicero van Paemel Z Jump4

Cicero van Paemel Z Jump 1



Gigolo Albert Zoer 1m60

Gigolo Albert Zoer 1m60


Ciska van Paemel Aldrick Cheronnet 1m50

Ciska van Paemel Aldrick Cheronnet 1m50


Gautcho de Quinta Catherine v. Roosbroeck 1m45

Gautcho de Quinta Catherine v. Roosbroeck 1m45


Galisco van Paemel Nick Vrins 1m50

Galisco van Paemel Nick Vrins 1m50


Cyrano d'Orbri Jose Thiry 1m50

Cyrano d’Orbri Jose Thiry 1m50


Fenia van Klapscheut Marcel Marschall 1m60

Fenia van Klapscheut Marcel Marschall 1m60


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