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Price: $1000

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Color: black

Born: 2011

Hight 168 cm 16,2 Hands

Licensed for Hanover, Oldenburg , Rhineland, Brandenburg-Anhalt, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland and southern german verband




During the stallion days this Premium Stallion presented himself always in rhythm of the gait, well-balanced, serene and is gifted with an enormous quality of movement with three equally outstanding basic gaits. Beside his ground-covering walk and his striking uphill canter DeLorean impressed the licensing committee with his trot that clearly emanates from the hindquarters, traveling through a relaxed back swinging in rhythm with the gait and maintaining the cadence. Especially for the exemplary work on the lungeing-rein, this impressive shiny black stallion received enthusiastic applause from the expert audience.

The hereditary of DeLorean is of exquisite quality. At his spectacular presentations the noble black stallion scores especially with his incredibly engaged hindquarters and a brilliant mechanic of movements in all three basic gaits. This powerful, impressive and elastic movements as well as his natural cadence are passed resoundingly on to his offspring. Furthermore, a beautiful and impressively built conformation with correct top-line are inherited too. Who wants to buy an above-average DeLorean foal must be quick, because a high number of his offspring haven’t been offered at all or have been sold for a high price after just a few days.

You will take DeLorean into your heart just because of his wonderful character. When dealing with him he resembles more a dog than a sire. Affectionate, cuddly and at rest in himself, he is glad about every attention. Under the rider DeLorean offers an incredible rideability and coolness. His fluent movements  swinging through the entire body pull the rider into the saddle and provide comfort like a club chair. DeLorean is highly talented and willing to perform every exercise desired, always with a 100% focus on his rider, easy to lead and constantly very sensitive to the aids. You could not wish for a better riding feeling.








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