El Capone

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Black KWPN Stallion, Born 2009, Hight 170 cm

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El Capone foal 1

Source KWPN.org


Second Win of Season for El Capone

El Capone (UB40xOO Seven) lived up to his excellent reputation in Roosendaal by winning the Isah KWPN/KNHS Stallion Competition. Under Marieke van der Putten, he scored a decisive victory with 88 points.


It was the second win today for Marieke van der Putten in the Isah KWPN/KNHS Stallion Competition and the second win this season with El Capone (UB40 out of Vamora elite pref s.OO Seven, breeder: De Dalhoeve of Wamel); the first was the L-class competition at the beginning of this year. “El Capone has an exceptionally good walk with abundant suppleness and good scope. The trot stands out with its light-footedness, ‘go,’ athletic ability, and leg technique. The canter is also light-footed: you almost don’t hear him go by. In addition, he has good jump and stays nicely closed,” said jury chairman Gert van den Hoorn enthusiastically. El Capone earned 9’s for his trot, canter, and carriage/elasticity.



El Capone Confirmation


El Capone Confirmation


El Capone Head


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