Quick Star

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Color: dark bay

Born: 1982

Height: 15,3h

approved for: too many to list 🙂





The Selle Français stallion, Quick Star, was a tough, little competitor with American rider, Meredith Michaels, who based herself in Europe and married Markus Beerbaum and then found herself in the German jumping team. The pair won the Grand Prix of Maastricht and Munich in their illustrious career – and now Quick Star is making a name for himself at stud.

On his dam’s side, Quick Star is again bred to perform. His dam, Stella, a 7/8th Anglo-Arab, by Nithard, jumped internationally with Nelson Pessoa.

From 1989 to 1994 he bred a few mares in the States belonging to friends of the original owner who imported Quick Star to the USA at the age of six months, and then sold him to Augetty at the age of six years. One result was the birth of his showjumping star daughter, La Stella.





It took a while for Quick Star’s breeding career to take off. Mr Katz made the mistake of parading him at St-Lô in 1998 along with two other sons of Galoubet – Quatoubet du Rouet and Caloubet du Rouet, and there was much derision from the Normandy breeders at the sight of the ‘midget’ who had been acquired by an outsider from Paris.

Now Quick Star is distributed in 14 countries and is approved by 21 recognized studbooks.

Mr Katz feels that Quick Star combines the qualities of his top and bottom lines: “He has inherited the best of both. From Galoubet, his force, his energy and his courage; from Stella, her elegance, her intelligence and her technique, which resulted in this little rounded stallion, standing 1 m 59 being ‘a genius over the bars’. Quick Star produces bay coloured horses with spirited and easy characters, voluntary, winners with lots of strength in a short back catapulted by sprung hind quarters, but he also has some aesthetically weak points, for he is capable of giving a pretty Anglo head but also a thick jowled head, inherited from his sire, Galoubet. By the way, certain of his products have perhaps a less than perfect front gesture but as a great international rider once explained to me, ‘in front can always be corrected especially if there is a true motor behind’ which is perfectly the case with the offspring of our stallion.”

Although there is some suggestion that Quick Star works better over German style mares, he is making his mark in France. In a review of the ‘Big Breeding Week’ at Fontainebleau in 2007, in Monneron 2008 / 2009, Elisabeth Delinares, comments: “One of our favourite sires was once again Quick Star who continues to produce quick, bouncing and strong-willed horses. Four of his offspring went to the jump-off in the 6 Year old Criterium, with a win and a second place, and a silver medal in the 7 Year old championship… An indisputable success.”

1. Place Großer Preis Münichen

1. Place Großer Preis Mannheim

1. Place “Championat von Mannheim”

1. Place Großer Preis Maastricht (1992)

1. Place Großer Preis Palm Beach (1989)


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