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Color: bay

Born: 2009

Height: 169cm

Approved for: Holstein

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The Holsteiner breed’s development is fast paced. Stallions which used to be at the top of their trade on the show jumping scene not so long ago, are now found as 3rd sires in the pedigrees of our young stallions. This is also documented by the pedigree of Quiran, a stallion bred to the successful pattern of a sport-proven stallion bred to a sport-proven dam line. Quiran’s sire, a successful sport horse himself prior to being sidelined by injury, carries Quidam de Revel and Corrado blood, two stallions proven at the highest international and championship level.

His maternal 2nd sire Coriano placed 2nd in the 6-year-old Bundeschampionat under Bo Kristoffersen and was later successfully shown at international level. Later he demonstrated his willingness to work, his ability and high-quality jumping under Judy Ann Melchior at the highest junior level.

His maternal 3rd sire Carthago, during his early career also shown to great success by Bo Kristoffersen, later became an international top achiever under Jos Lansink. Among many other successes, he placed in the top group at the Olympics twice, won several international Grand Prixs and took 2nd place in the Aachen Grand Prix.

The sport-proven foundation mare of this proven performance dam line is Quiran’s 5th dam, Illona by Wüstensohn. Under Hermann Schridde, she won the German championship and the President’s cup in the USA, among other achievements.

Quiran’s description by breed director Dr. Nissen reads as follows: „A Holsteiner stallion through and through, he epitomizes the desired breed type. This eye-catching Quirado son is modern and long-legged, with a sound conformation and a big frame. His good topline connecting all body parts in an optimal way reflects his balanced structure. His limbs are correct. The quality of his movement increases from a quite good walk to a big trot to an excellent up-hill canter. Stamped by his 2nd sire Coriano, the stallion is very attentive and quick to react and jumps with great technique and exceptional ability. This he impressively demonstrated to the Neumünster audience. Given his good nerves he should do exceptional well in competition. ”

Qurian performed impressively and achieved outstanding marks in the 30-day ability assessment as well as in the Schlieckau 70-day performance test. His impressive jumping ability earned him a training score of 9.0, in the final test he was given a 9.75 by the test rider. He also scored 9.0 for his willingness to work and character.


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